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Throughout 2014, many large and small events will be taking place to commemorate the battles and the Memory of the Great War.

Bertrix Commémoration

Bertrix is no exception: close to France, the troops of our French friends arrived through Sedan, Mortehan and Bertrix town square before disappearing into the unthinkable trap of the Luchy forest.

The memory remains, even today.

Discover BERTRIX along its waterways, its walks, its heritage, its artists and its artisans.

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Atelier : "Voyages au coeur de l'Art"
Stage  |  Bertrix
Conférence: "L'âge d'or des Arabes au Moyen-Age"
Talk  |  Bertrix
Spectacle : "Transe en danse"
Spectacle  |  Bertrix


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